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As sailing experts, we have taken the liberty of pre-determining some great itineraries for sensational sailing trips in Greece that take you to both popular and off-the-beaten-track islands as well as some coastal destinations. Discover the picturesque islands of the Argosaronic and explore the beauties of the Cycladic islands closest to Athens. 

Day trips:

Flisvos – Agia Marina – Flisvos
We sail from Flisvos in Athens, to reach a blue flag beach on the island of Aegina, called Agia Marina before sailing back in the evening.

Flisvos – Moni islet – Flisvos
We travel from Flisvos to Moni islet, near Aegina, a little paradise of crystalline waters before returning to Flisvos

Flisvos – Salamina island – Flisvos
From Flisvos in Athens to Salamina island, a popular destination for a quick escape from the city and back to Flisvos.

Lavrio – Tzia (Kea) island – Lavrio
We sail from Lavrio, to reach the lovely Tzia (Kea) island for a day to swim in the deep blue waters of the Cycladic Island closest to Athens. 

Two Day trips:

Flisvos – Agistri island – Poros island – Moni islet – Flisvos
Sailing around the Argosaronic, to Agistri island, then Poros as well as stopping over at the islet of Moni to admire it from afar before returning to Flisvos. 

Flisvos – Agia Marina – Aegina island – Moni islet – Flisvos
Discover the little treasures that lie in and around Aegina island. We visit Agia Marina beach, then sail over to Moni islet to admire the translucent waters.  

Flisvos – Agia Marina – Agistri island – Moni islet – Flisvos
We travel to Agia Marina to enjoy the waters of a blue flag beach, then to Agistri island with a stop at the tiny islet of Moni islet before returning to Flisvos.

Lavrio – Kythnos island – Lavrio
Setting sail from Attica’s second port, Lavrio, we travel towards Kythnos island to admire its beaches and coves, overnight stay and return to Lavrio the following day.

Three Day trips:

Flisvos – Poros island – Aegina island – Flisvos
Experience the plentiful joys of the Saronic with a sailing trip departing from Flisvos to Poros and Aegina, a pair of picturesque islands with fantastic waters. 

Flisvos – Hydra island – Poros island – Flisvos
We explore the Saronic gulf and visit the charming island of Hydra island and the wonderful island of Poros, with a sailing trip departing from and returning to Flisvos.   

Lavrio – Kythnos island – Tzia (Kea) island – Lavrio
We go on a Cycladic espace, sailing from Lavrio port towards Kythnos island before visiting Tzia (Kea) island for a sailing trip that will fill your mind with stunning visuals. 

Four Day trips:

Argosaronic Escape (Flisvos – Aegina island – Hydra island – Poros island – Flisvos)
Visit all three of the most popular Saronic islands with our Argosaronic Escape sailing trip that departs from Flisvos and stops at Aegina, Hydra and Poros islands. 

Argosaronic Getaway (Flisvos – Agistri island – Old Epidavrus – Methana – Poros island – Flisvos)
We sail along the Argosaronic sea and visit Agistri island, then stop at the historical location of Old Epidavrus, before another stop at the coast of Methana, then over to Poros island. 

Seven Day trips:

Argosaronic Riviera (Flisvos – Aegina island – Poros island – Porto Cheli – Spetses island – Hydra island – Agistri island – Flisvos)
Experience the charm of the Argosaronic Riviera with a sailing trip that departs from Flisvos and takes you to the islands of Aegina, Poros, Spetses, Hydra and Agistri as well as Porto Cheli.    

Cycladic Archipelago ( Lavrio – Serifos island – Sifnos island – Kythnos island – Tzia (Kea) island – Lavrio). Witness the magic of the deep blue with a sailing trip to the Cycladic archipelago that departs from Lavrio and takes you to the sensational islands of Serifos, Sifnos, Kythos and Tzia (Kea). 

Personalised itineraries
We are able to fully customise our itineraries to perfectly match your preferences. 

You may want to include other destinations, decide how many days you wish to be sailing for, choose to stay overnight on a different island or location. Contact us for your customized itinerary.

On these sailing trips, you can enjoy the following amenities: 

  • 3- 4 crew members
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Standard safety equipment
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hot water
  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch 
  • WiFi
  • Aux/radio/music options
  • Inflatable sea donuts/tubes